Meet Martin and Winton

With over a decade of international business experience, Martin and Winton can help your company establish and maintain a successful import and export business between China and the United States. Martin and Winton have broad networks of business connections in both countries ready to import, export, market and distribute a range of projects.


Martin.pngMartin Patton


Cooperstown All Star Village

Cooperstown Distilling Company

Silk Road New York (SRNY)

P.O. Box 670, Cooperstown, New York 13326, U.S.A.

Mr. Martin Patton serves as President of Cooperstown All Star Village, Cooperstown Distilling Company, and Silk Road New York with responsibility for managing more than three hundred and fifty people and millions in annual revenue. Under Mr. Patton’s tenure, the companies have experienced growth of 20% to 30% percent annually. Since founding the first company in 1979, Mr. Patton has dedicated his companies to becoming one of the leaders in the industry. Under his direction, he has earned recognition from The National Leadership Award Council of top business in America to Who’s Who in America and has been featured in many National Publications such as Bon Appetite, Youth Baseball the Magazine, Gourmet Magazine, Kaatskill Life, featured on CNN news with Robin Meade, just to name a few.

Since forming these companies, Mr. Patton has been active in bringing his successful model of baseball sports to China with the first baseball demonstration completed in Jinan, China. Mr. Patton will continue to work and bring what will soon become China’s favorite sport “baseball” and other sports as well throughout certain areas in China.

Silk Road New York (SRNY) company is designed to help Chinese business men and women get their business started in New York State by providing the necessary expertise to assist them. SRNY with offices in New York State and soon to locate an office in Beijing, China, SRNY is also working to provide Chinese with varieties of goods from the United States.

Mr. Patton has an AD degree “High Honor” in Hospitality from Delhi State University, honorable mentions: acceptance letter into Cornell University, requested Dean to Delhi University, Citizen of the Year, Business Man of the Year.